Wednesday, December 14, 2005


First I should warn any readers: I like to make up words. If there is ever something you don't understand, just ask. I honestly think that everybody should live in my world. It is peaceful there.

So, I am extremely tired. I can't even make it through and 8 hour work day. I even come home at lunch to take a "rest'. This peanut size baby in my stomach is really taking a toll on my. My friend told me, "Yeah, you'll be tired during the first trimester, energetic during the second, tired again the third, and you will never get to sleep the year after that." That isn't very encouraging to me. I love to sleep. I hate waking up. <>

Tonight, I called my brother. About a month ago he got into some serious trouble. It started with four charges, and last I knew it was up to eight. I found it very neccessary to talk some sense into the lad. I am not really sure if it will work, but I know he respects me more than he respects my mom. My mom also lets him get away with not telling her what is going on. I don't. I make him confess his secrets to me, but at the same time he feels comfortable doing so. I told him the possibilities for his punishment which he won't find out until next month. He will turn 16 at the end of the month. I think they can suspend his license until he is 18. Make it so that he can't leave the state, and possibly the county.

I told him to make sure when he talks to the lawyer that he asks for professional help (counselling). He is going through some things in his life, that I know he is having a hard time dealing with. His parents have been divorced since he was 4, because his dad is an alcoholic. Basically, is dad's alcoholism is the root of some of the issues. Since his dad got evicted from his apt, my brother has been acting out. I believe that if he gets professional help, he will get better.

My mom isn't a bad mother, she just has a horrible work schedule. Her boss isn't willing to work with her. I know she gets frustrated because my brother's dad likes to play games. He likes to try to turn my brother against my mom. My step grandparents talked to my bro about the situation, and he is finally realizing it is a game. My step grandparents are very supportive of my mom. At least there is some promise in the situation.

On to another subject. My DH is playing Madden 2006. He has created a player that is suposed to be "our son". Apparently, the kid is a real good running back. DH is having him run zig zag (from one side to the other) to the end zone for the TD. Which spawns the following conversation:

Me: What are you doing?
Him: That is our son. (Long pause) He is that good. (Antoher long pause) You gave birth to him.

I think he is on something or way to over excited to become a father. I still love him though.

Good night all. I am tired, and can barely type.

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