Thursday, December 29, 2005


Heather brought up some good topics for me. I would have blogged yesterday, but we got home really late from a wedding. Yes, we went to a wedding on a Wednesday night.

Yesterday, we had a doctor appointment. My DH was able to come with. The doctor just made sure I didn't have swelling in my ankles. Everything must have been good, because the doctor didn't say anything negative or alert my attention to worry about it. That is one thing I really like about the practice I go to, the doctors don't get you worked up over something you don't need to worry about. They don't say you have 1 in a million chance...they believe if the odds are that good then why bring it up.

I was happy to know that I am at my prepregnancy weight. I lost some during the first trimester. Which I think is good because I was up to 190. I am back at 190, but I think the weight I gained back is due to being pregnant. My chest has gotten extremely large, so tops and bras don't fit right anymore. My belly has changed shape, so my pants really don't fit anymore. Target here I come.

We got to hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday. I was really happy DH came to my appt with me. I think it made it more real for if he wasn't already excited. The doctor was really happy with the heartbeat. What he could hear of it was really strong. Everytime I took a deep breath in (which was a lot, because I have a stuffy nose), he would lose the heartbeat and have to find it again. DH thinks the baby likes snow, because the background noise sounds like a blizzard to him. I asked him if that is another sign we need to move back to Wisconsin. I got no answer.

My dogs have become really attached to me during my pregnancy. Dazie won't leave my side, and Miischka has gotten more affectionate. Huskies are pretty affectionate dogs, and I love that about the breed. I have to say there comes a point when I have had enough kisses. Also, I have noticed the further along I am the more Miischka wants to chew on my dirty underwear. She even digs it out of the hamper. UGH!

This is enough tonight. Note for next blog: Miischka's vet visit.

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