Monday, January 23, 2006

Damn the cravings

So, at 4:00 PM I was craving fried onions. So, I made hashbrowns with onions for myself for supper. Now, I am craving chocolate milk! I feel like such a bottomless pit. Hmmm...maybe I will just make use the chocolate syrup and make some. OK, I made some. Now, just wait for the next craving, and hoping I have it on hand.

I can't leave the house because DH is really sick. He needs to me to be here for him incase he needs something. He can't even get out of bed.


Heather said...

I've been having cravings too - anything from pickles to raisin bran cereal. Mykle hates the store runs when I "need" something, but he's been very good about it!

Randi said...

That is the best part of being pregnant, the cravings...I always wanted candy bars, and fruit juice! It's funny how our body acts when there is a little one in our belly.