Monday, January 16, 2006


Today, has been a good day. I tried to blog yesterday, but DH and I got into a huge arguement during the writing of it. Yesterday, nothing put me in a good mood. DH even took me to Cold Stone Creamery. Twice I blew up at him. He really did nothing to deserve it. At one point, I said, "I don't think you understand what I am going through, or what I am feeling, the pain I am in." I am having a lot of back pain.

I believe he thinks I should be able to do everything like I normally did. I can only do chores in spurts. Next week, I have a dr appt, so I will talk to him about it then. DH has been getting on my case about the house going to crap. I really hope I hit the nesting stage soon. I need to get ready for that garage sale.

I started working on some sewing projects. I hope once I know the sex and name of the baby I will be more motivated to do something. I was looking at Heather's scrapbook stuff on e-bay. That got some wheels in my head turning. I really would like to create a scrapbook to welcome the baby.

Today, at work we were talking about what the gender of the baby is. A woman I work with believes it is a girl. Others believe it is a boy. I just want a healthy baby. Although, I have a puppy with health problems, and I love and care for her the same as I love and care for our healthy adult dog. One dog needs a little more attention. The other just wants it.

Tonight DH and I really connected with parenting. Dazie has really gotten spoiled and sassy about getting her way. She thinks it is OK to be up on the furniture. Before Miischka we never condemned it, but now my peebutt wants to be on the furniture all the time. Miischka is still having bladder control issues. Even with the new medicine, she is still having issues. It is only at night while she is sleeping though. She just needs a bath everyday. Anyway, Dazie has gotten into the habbit (just like a kid) of if Daddy says "no" ask Mama (and vice versa). She was trying to get up on the couch and DH said no, and then she came by me only to get another no. Then she started with the begging for food with the same results. I am so happy that we can agree and enforce what eachother says with the dogs. I hope this happens with our children.

I hope I didn't ramble.

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CC said...

Ha, your dogs sound like ours. It's amazing how human-like they can be sometimes! And yes, how you discipline your animals is how you will your children (I know it sounds silly but I really believe that) so sounds like you guys are off to a great start.