Wednesday, January 04, 2006


When, we find out what the baby is I will let you all know. I believe it is 6 more weeks until we find out!!!!! Not that I am counting. I just got DH to agree on the middle name for a boy. I didn't really have to convince him though...

I have a lot of friends and coworkers who think the baby is a girl. I guess we will see. If it is a boy, it will probably take after DH and be somewhat of and exhibitionist. I understand what you are saying CC, about your little guy having his hand on his penis. NOTE: My DH doesn't go in public naked, but likes to be as close to naked as possible. Now that we live in an area where people don't give notice before showing up, we makes sure he has pants and a shirt on while we are awake.

New Year's Eve, our neighbor got locked out his house. We were the only ones home in the neighborhood with a spare key to their house. DH only had boxers on when the neighbor showed up. He was scattering for pants and a shirt. I felt really bad for our neighbor. He lives five house away, we have large lots, and he didn't have shoes on.

Well, I need to think about going to bed. I have to be to work an hour early. They need help doing inventory, and they start doing inventory at 7. My supervisor has made it extremely known that I am not to be lifting anything heavy. I am glad she is understanding, but I get annoyed at her over protectiveness. I sort of understand though, her sister has had two sets of twins...

BTW, not that any of you know what I look like, but I got my hair cut tonight. I got about 6" cut off the length. My hair is shoulder length now, and I got layers put it. It looks super cute. I think my husband thinks it's sexy.

Well good night.

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CC said...

You should post a pic! I belly pic and a new 'do pic. I need to get my hair cut - I got it trimmed when I was about 8 weeks and haven't trimmed it since (for shame, I know). Everyone told me it would grow fast during pregnancy but it hasn't - it's only thickened. But I read the other day that after birth, when your milk comes in it really kicks your hormones into overdrive and my hair would grow like crazy. Fun times!

6 weeks until the big u/s - I didn't realize you were that far along! That's so exciting!!