Thursday, January 05, 2006

More about my puppies

Recap: Dazie is our 2 year old and Miischka is our 6 month old puppy.

Last night, Dazie was chewing on a bone in the area between our living room. We have an open format house. Miischka kept annoying DH and me. She is not allowed on the furniture, but yet she tried to crawl on our laps. I had let recently let her out, fed her, and filled up the water bowl. Finally, after a half hour I say, "Miisch, do you need to go potty?" She heads to the back door. I get to the back door and open it. Miischka runs out onto the deck, and Dazie decides she would rather be outside than chewing on a bone. Dazie bolts outside and Miischka bolts to the bone. She lays down and begins chewing on it. Mind you there are 3 more bones laying on the floor nearby. 2 of them are the same type of bone. We got outsmarted by a dog....

For the pregnant pet owners reading this, have you seen K-9 Karma? It is about a yoga instructer who teaches with her dog. Anyway part of the show she helps people with different things in their life. She is pregnant and she has been giving tips on how to prepare your pets for the baby. One thing she suggested is start getting baby products around the house--get the animals used to the smell. Try to get a tape of baby noises (crying, cooing, etc), and play it periodically. She told one lady to set the baby's room up as she plans to have it. Anyway, I started using baby lotion and baby shampoo, and now the dogs want less with me....hmmmm I hope this means they won't bother the baby.

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CC said...

I've read that too - have *baby things* around, but my dogs get so confused by stuff, I don't think they'll really get it.

My friend did bring her 6 mo. old over and the dogs could've cared less that he was there - hopefully a good sign!